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Our First Giveaway

Updated: May 31, 2023

The best business advice we ever got was “focus on what you do, and work with other professionals to manage the aspects of the business you don’t do”. This is especially challenging for new startups, makers or growing businesses who are used to running all aspects of their business. From production, promotion, customer service, accounting to distribution, it can be a lot! It can also be expensive.

For makers, an investment in materials can make getting started very challenging. How do you balance your time and budget?

Maybe we can help!

As we began populating the business directory, we found some businesses did not have an online presence at all. Some of these were “side hustle” businesses or makers who didn’t have time to manage the promotion side of their business. Is this you?

We would like to offer free “landing pages” hosted by our website. Outlining information similar to the business features on our blog, these landing pages would have the address:

Photos and information you provide would be added. If at any time you need your content removed or updated, simply email us at

This will allow your business and social media to be listed in the directory. This service is and will remain free to businesses in or that serve southeastern New Brunswick.

How To Participate

  • Like/ follow our Facebook and Instagram

  • send us an email with photos

  • include a short description of your business

  • and the best way for customers to contact you

  • expression of interest required by noon May 5, 2023

If you are chosen, we will send you a sample page to approve before it goes live on the website!

Best of luck,

Strait Shores Creative Team

*May 2023 UPDATE: Congratulations to Monro Heritage Museum, we are proud to partner with them! Are you a new local business or local nonprofit? Contact us for a free landing page.

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