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June 2023 Strait Shores Creative Update

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

It’s been two months since we launched Strait Shores Creative. Here’s an update:

June went by in a flash! We introduced branding for our natural product line called Strait Shores Naturals. Check out our new logo:

Strait Shores Naturals Logo New Brunswick
Strait Shores Naturals Logo

We completed testing on our natural laundry soap which will make its debut this summer at the Port Elgin Farmer’s Market. You will see this alongside our creative product line featuring mini art canvases and more. We are really looking forward to returning to the market this July and expanding our art products to new local retail locations. Our products are currently available exclusively at The Fairywood Workshop and Studio in Sackville, New Brunswick.

In June we focused on consultation with other entrepreneurs and local businesses to help tailor our products and services for the regional market. We even got to spend some time “across the border” connecting with businesses in Cumberland (Nova Scotia). We’ve been able to gather some great feedback from other small businesses about their needs and budget. We sincerely thank those individuals for taking the time to connect with us and educate us on their markets. Those conversations had a significant impact on our next steps.

The last few weeks wasn’t all work however! We never miss the Canada Day event organized by the Port Elgin, Bayfield/ Cape Tormentine Fire Departments in Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick. This is one of our favorite annual events in the region. As always, we took a lot of photos and videos but the one below is our favorite. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to what summer 2023 has in store. Have a great July!


Cheyenne and Justin

Strait Shores Creative Team


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